Approved Abstracts

Abstract IDsort descending Last Name First Name Abstract Title
CBE5-170 Amon Diva Wood and bone colonisation experiments from the Southwest Indian Ocean Ridge
CBE5-171 Amon Diva Seeing in the dark: Using micro computed-tomography to explore the ecosystem function of the wood-boring genus, Xylophaga
CBE5-172 Rodrigues Clara F. Invertebrate-bacteria associations found in mammal carcasses in the deep NE Atlantic
CBE5-173 Wagner Jamie Megafauna community structure at the Blake Ridge and Cape Fear Diapir seeps
CBE5-174 LaBella Abigail Advantages of next-generation multi-locus sequence data in assessing connectivity between deep-sea chemosynthetic habitats
CBE5-175 Johnson Shannon Different speciation patterns in chemosynthetic snails: Alviniconcha and Ifremeria
CBE5-176 Puetz Lara Exploring source sink dynamics in a variable setting: Genetic variation among tubeworms from the Endeavour Hydrothermal Vents (Juan de Fuca Ridge)
CBE5-177 Halanych Ken Evolution of siboglinid endosymbiotic genomes and comparative transcriptomics of hosts tubeworms
CBE5-178 Samadi Sarah Discovery of a seep community impacted by the mining factory in Astrolabe Bay, Papua New-Guinea.
CBE5-178 Cunha Marina R. Biodiversity of mud volcanoes along deep-reaching transform faults in the SW Iberian Margin (NE Atlantic)
CBE5-179 Fujiyoshi So Purification and characterization of serum lectin from a deep-sea hydrothermal vent invertebrate
CBE5-180 Takaki Yoshihiro Genome analysis of the closest free-living bacteria of gutless marine worm endosymbionts
CBE5-181 Ju Se-Jong Implication of fatty acids and stable isotopes to understand the nutritional source of hydrothermal vent fauna in Tofua Arc, the SW Pacific
CBE5-182 Grupe Benjamin Metacommmunities and patterns of diversity in chemosynthetic ecosystems
CBE5-183 Thurber Andrew When the small paint the big picture: Using microbes to identify a hydrothermal habitat at the Chilean Triple Junction.