Approved Abstracts

Abstract IDsort descending Last Name First Name Abstract Title
CBE5-143 Katz Sigrid "Dissolving" a hard problem: Osedax’s way of bone penetration
CBE5-144 Ikuta Tetsuro Heterogeneous subpopulations of thioautotrophic intracellular symbiont in a deep-sea mussel, Bathymodiolus septemdierum, and their patchy distribution in the host gill.
CBE5-145 Won Yong-Jin Population genetic structure of endosymbiotic bacteria of deep-sea hydrothermal vent bivalve mussels
CBE5-146 Rimskaya-Korsakova Nadezda Morphological variability of tubes and soft bodies of vestimentiferan tubeworms Riftia pachyptila (“Siboglinidae”, Annelida)
CBE5-146 Yoshida Takao The genomes of an intracellur symbiont in deep-sea Calyptogena clams are still in an early phase of reductive genome evolution.
CBE5-147 Rimskaya-Korsakova Nadezda Nature of obturacular lobes: separate region, tentacles, unique structures or something else?
CBE5-148 Sweeting Christopher J Trophodynamics of the East Scotia Ridge Hydrothermal Vent Fauna: Novel Insights from Amino Acid Specific Nitrogen Stable Isotopes
CBE5-149 Nye Verity Reproductive ecology of the alvinocaridid shrimp Rimicaris hybisae at hydrothermal vents on the Mid-Cayman Spreading Centre
CBE5-150 Nye Verity Reproductive biology and population structure of the hippolytid shrimp Lebbeus virentova at the Von Damm Vent Field, Mid-Cayman Spreading Centre
CBE5-151 Nye Verity Reproductive biology of gastropods from hydrothermal vents on the Mid-Cayman Spreading Centre, Caribbean
CBE5-152 Volland Jean-Marie What keeps us together? Maintenance and termination of the thiotrophic symbiosis between the ciliate Zoothamnium niveum and Cand. Thiobios zoothamnicoli
CBE5-153 Jenkins Robert G. The importance of burrows in cold-seeps
CBE5-154 Sinniger Frederic Exploration and characterisation of hydrothermal vent communities using ultrasequencing of environmental DNA.
CBE5-155 Danise Silvia Molluscs from a shallow-water whale-fall and their affinities with adjacent benthic communities on the Swedish west coast
CBE5-156 GUEZI Hayat Transcriptomic analysis of the control of chemosynthetic symbionts in Bathymodiolus thermophilus in natural and experimental populations