Approved Abstracts

Abstract IDsort descending Last Name First Name Abstract Title
CBE5-101 Gaudron Sylvie Marylène A reflection on reproductive adaptation to ephemeral and deep-sea habitats in symbiotic bivalve’s species
CBE5-102 Gaudron Sylvie Marylène Use of Stable Isotope Analysis in R (SIAR) on the trophic ecology of several gastropods species from hydrothermal vents
CBE5-103 Gaudron Sylvie Marylène Symbioses between bivalves and chemosynthetic bacteria on European and African margins: summary and recent progress
CBE5-104 Glover Adrian Deep Sea ID: a new iOS application for deep sea biologists
CBE5-105 Georgieva Magdalena N. Extremely rapid mineralisation of Alvinella tubes at hydrothermal vents: implications for polychaete evolutionary history.
CBE5-107 Karaseva Nadezda Vertical and Horizontal Worldwide distribution of Vestimentifera (Annelida: Siboglinidae).
CBE5-108 Hryniewicz Krzysztof Evolutionary significance of latest Jurassic-earliest Cretaceous hydrocarbon seep assemblages from Central Spitsbergen, Svalbard.
CBE5-109 Metaxas Anna Bivalve populations on the Tonga-Kermadec Arc: distribution and potential ecological role
CBE5-110 Little Crispin Miocene seep communities from North Island, New Zealand
CBE5-111 Gerard Hamel Exploring the Biology of Alvinella using Isobaric Sampling and Transfer : the BALIST system
CBE5-112 Levin Lisa Controls on Carbonate Communities at Methane Seeps
CBE5-113 Tsuchiya Masashi Different trophic requirement in the host-symbiont interactions of both Calyptogena clams and Bathymodiolus mussels based on nitrogen stable isotopic composition of amino acids
CBE5-114 Tasiemski Aurélie A peptide antibiotic from the Abyss
CBE5-115 Gollner Sabine Nematode succession at deep-sea hydrothermal vents after a recent volcanic eruption at the 9°50'N EPR
CBE5-116 Demina Ludmila Some Properties of the Trace Metal Biogeochemistry in the Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Ecosystems at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) and East Pacific Rise (EPR)