Abstract Submission Workflow

Creating an Abstract

Anyone can create an abstract using the "Submit Abstract" link.

Prior to submission, user must preview their submission before the Submit button is enabled.

Abstracts are automatically numbered in the form "CBE5-xxx", with numbering starting at 101 for the first submitted abstract.

After submission, please check your email for a copy of the submitted abstract. Corresponding author should receive an email with:
* Abstract number
* Submitted abstract

Abstracts are initially in an "unpublished" state. This means the abstract cannot be viewed by anyone other than a member of the CBE5 Scientific Committee.

Abstract Accepted

Abstracts are accepted by members of the CBE5 Scientific Committee. This can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Edit the abstract and set the Published flag in Publishing options.
  2. Use the "Update Options" feature in the "Content" screen (Find Content in shortcut bar). The view can be filtered to unpublished abstracts by selecting a status of "not published" and type of "Abstract Submission".

Abstract Search

Abstracts that are in a "published" state can be found with the search function. This is available to all users including anonymous users.

Abstract Export

All published abstracts can be exported using the "Export Abstracts" function in the shortcut bar. This function is available only to moderators.

Abstracts are exported in csv format and include only abstracts that have been published.